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Seasonal Fragrance Wax Melts Orange Clove 4 oz.

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Fragrance Notes: Juicy Orange, Cinnamon, Freshly Ground Clove

Discover the transformative power of Trapp's 4 oz. Fragrance Wax Melts, designed to enhance any space without the need for a flame. Our soy-paraffin wax blend ensures a long-lasting, richly scented experience that will fill your room with fragrance, lingering to set the perfect mood. Ideal for any wax warmer, these melts are simple to use and safe for all indoor environments, turning ordinary rooms into luxuriously scented retreats. Whether blending multiple fragrances to create a custom scent or enjoying them individually, Trapp wax melts are your key to an enduring and flame-free aromatic ambiance that not only enhances your space but also crafts memorable chapters in your life's narrative.

Citrusy orange is balanced by freshly ground clove to warm the senses and lighten spirits for a warm, inviting atmosphere.

More than any other piece of home decor, a candle is a sign of life. If a candle is lit, that means someone is home. With ingredients sourced from the highest-quality botanicals, Trapp products are filled with more fragrance than anything else on the shelf.

• 4 oz. soy wax blend offers over 15 uses, for extended fragrance enjoyment
• Designed for safety, our flame-free melts can be enjoyed in any indoor environment.
• Combine two or more fragrances to create your own custom fragrance
• Guaranteed to fill your room with fragrance

Back Panel Information

For Optimal Performance: Select desired amount of wax melts and place in melt warmer dish. When not in use, store in a cool, dry environment.

Trapp Melt Warmer Cleanup: Easily remove cooled wax by flexing silicone dish. Rinse with water and mild soap if changing fragrance. Ensure silicone dish is completely dry before reusing.

Other Melt Warmer Cleanup: Clean wax from melt warmer using a paper towel when wax is cool but still soft.