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Choose from a wide selection of superior fragrance products, from modern poured candles in a white vessel and luxury wax melts featuring a premium wax-blend to top-selling flameless options
like ultrasonic diffuser oils and reed diffusers for easy, carefree fragrance throughout the day.

Customize your home environment with a wide range of luxury home fragrance options.
Our candles are available in many sizes including our most-popular 7 oz. poured candle in our gift-worthy house box and our 16 oz. 3-wick candle for unforgettable fragrance in large spaces. For smaller spaces, try our 2 oz. votive candle or 3.75 oz. petite poured candle. These sizes are also perfect for creating a gift set or trying out new fragrances!

Enhance your candle experience with our luxury candle accessories. Use our USB rechargeable lighter by Zippo and wick trimmer to help extend the life of your candle with improved performance and a cleaner burn.

Our luxury fragrance mists go beyond average room sprays—and are perfect for an on-the-go fragrance refresh for the car, work office, college dorm room, or even while traveling. Browse our collection of expertly crafted fragrances and let us help you transform your space.

Create Your Experience

For those who appreciate luxury home fragrances, Trapp is an elevated lifestyle fragrance brand that creates memories from everyday moments and delivers an exceptional sensory experience defined by a distinct and bold fragrance profile.

Fragrance is strongly linked to memory—both in creating new memories and being reminded of past experiences. Let our luxury home fragrances help you lean into your nostalgia to recreate a favorite moment or find a new favorite in our wide selection of scents. From the exotic and sensual to the fresh and invigorating, each fragrance has been carefully crafted to create a unique experience.