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Signature Melt Warmer

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Our newly designed square melt warmer features a no-mess, flexible silicone dish to make swapping between fragrances simple and clean. Wax is melted with a heated plate which means there is no light bulb to replace. Our LED design creates a warm glow additional ambiance.

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A Better Warmer: Easy to clean (no scraping out wax). No-mess flexible silicone dish. Simple to swap between fragrances. Heated plate, no bulb to replace. LED design for additional ambiance.

Optimizing Performance: Break off wax section(s) and place in silicone dish. Combine two or more scents to create personalized fragrances. When fragrance fades, turn off the melt warmer and allow wax to fully cool. Easily remove cooled wax by flexing silicone dish. Rinse with water and mild soap, if changing fragrance.

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