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Experience your favorite Trapp fragrances without the flame and customize your space by mixing multiple fragrances.  Each of our wax melts come with 13 pieces per package. 

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6 of 32 products

6 of 32 products

Trapp Fragrances offers luxury soy-blend wax melts to add an aromatic touch to any space. Our wax melt package is divided into 13 sections. Each wax piece is filled with bold fragrance, lasting up to 8 hours each. These pieces can be separated and used in different melt warmers throughout the home to create synchronicity throughout your space. Or mix and match wax melt fragrances by combining two pieces in the same melt warmer to create your own custom fragrance. If you don’t want to melt the wax together, we offer a divided silicone dish for easy fragrance combinations.

Our Signature Melt Warmer features a no-mess, flexible silicone dish to make swapping between fragrances simple and clean. This appliance melts the wax pieces with a heated plate which means there is no light bulb to replace. Our LED design creates a warm glow for additional ambiance. Each wax melt product in this collection is made using high-quality botanicals. Every scent offers a unique blend of fragrances that can improve any space. They're easy to use and are compatible with all melt warmers. Try one of our delightfully-crafted fragrances in the wax melt format today!

Easy-to-Use Flameless Fragrance

If you are looking for a great way to add your favorite fragrances to your home or office, wax melts are the perfect choice. These luxury wax melts do not require a flame to fill your room with fragrance.

Long-Lasting, Effortless Fragrance

Enjoy more than 30 hours of fine fragrance in every Trapp Wax Melt package. Our low maintenance silicone dish ensures a hassle-free experience when swapping between fragrances. Simply add a piece or two of your desired fragrance melt and plug in the melt warmer. Your space will be filled with fragrance within moments of the wax melting!

A Treat for Your Friends & Family

Whether they love exotic tropical scents or something refreshingly bright, each fragrance has been carefully crafted to create an elevated fragrance experience. Build a gift basket with an assortment of our wax melt fragrances and melt warmer to make a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. Improve your space with the captivating scent of Trapp's premium wax melts. Order now and enjoy the luxurious aroma of our exquisite fragrances.