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No. 04 Orange Vanilla

Brazilian Orange | Tahitian Vanilla | Tonka Bean

Crisp notes of Brazilian Orange are softened with rich Tahitian Vanilla to create a smooth and comforting fragrance. Tonka bean adds dimension that elevates the other notes.
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At Trapp Fragrances, we are dedicated to the art of fine fragrance, a legacy we proudly uphold. Our collection offers a diverse array of scents, each carefully crafted to enhance your living spaces and awaken your senses.
Each fragrance in our range has its own unique character, ready to bring a distinctive ambiance to your home. From the lively No. 04 Orange Vanilla to the rich and enigmatic No. 07 Patchouli Sandalwood, our scents are thoughtfully created to provide an immersive experience.
Our selection covers a wide spectrum, from soft floral and bright fruity scents to deep earthy aromas and crisp, clean fragrances, including special seasonal options. This ensures a fitting Trapp fragrance for every taste and occasion.
Enhance your home with the sophisticated array of Trapp Fragrances. Our products, ranging from long-lasting candles to subtle reed diffusers, are infused with high-quality fragrances that embody distinction and elegance. With Trapp Fragrances, each note is a testament to our commitment to fragrance excellence.