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Seasonal Fragrance Mist Cinnamon Cider 3.4 oz.

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This product has been discontinued. Inventory is limited and will not be replenished when it is depleted.

Fragrance Notes: Fresh Apple, Cinnamon Stick, Honey

Trapp luxury home fragrance mist allows you to enjoy your favorite aroma on demand. The fine mist is guaranteed to fill a room with fragrance and is TSA-approved so that you can bring your favorite luxury room spray wherever you may go. Trapp luxury mists are packaged in a beautiful frosted glass bottle which emits a fine mist that is formulated to make a lasting impression.

Notes of fresh, juicy apples are infused with honey and cinnamon to bring memories of deliciously warm cider in the fall. 

More than any other piece of home decor, a candle is a sign of life. If a candle is lit, that means someone is home. With ingredients sourced from the highest-quality botanicals, Trapp products are filled with more fragrance than anything else on the shelf.

• 3.4 ounce non-aerosol fragrance mist
• TSA travel friendly
• Packaged in a beautiful frosted glass bottle
• Instantly fills your room with fragrance